Saturday, June 26, 2004

Here we are at Fazoli's.

We've got a lot of catching up to do.

The food was great.
Posted by Micki
The first week of classes has come and gone, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Last school year half of my students cried for the first month, and one of them cried all the way till March. This year only four of them cried, and they cried only until the third day of classes.

On the first day, the kid who slapped me during the entrance interview was absent. I wondered if her mom decided not to send her to school anymore. She came the second day. To my surprise, she had totally changed. She didn't even cry. She smiled whenever I talked to her and wanted me to tickle her most of the time. What happened? I'm starting to wonder if 2 year old kids can be devious.

My only real problem was what I call the escape artist - the kid who tries to run out of the classroom and out of the school in order to find his/her mom. They can be real fast and squirmy. She slid under tables and jumped over chairs. Its no wonder when my mom came over for a visit yesterday she was surprised and said I had lost weight. Even my friends who I saw today asked me if I had lost a few pounds.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Mother-in-laws from hell do exist!

A few of my friends were talking about their mom-in-laws, and their experiences made me feel really lucky. I never thought such people existed.

My first friend who has a small store was wondering why they always came up P1,000 short every week. It turns out her mom-in-law who eagerly volunteers to watch the store swipes P1,000 every week. To add insult to injury, whenever she, her husband and 3 year old kid visit, her mom-in-law charges them for whatever they used, eat, or are given. What kind of grandma would charge her grandson for the food he eats whenever he visits her? Even more shocking is that when the kid washes his hands, she charges them for the soap!

My other friend's mom-in-law regularly calls her up to borrow money. Sometimes, she also receives an envelope containing her mom-in-law's bills, asking her to pay for it. My friend's husband works abroad, and whenever he comes home every 6 months, all of her in-laws come knocking. When he arrived last week from Japan, she rented a van so she could pick him up from the airport. Her in-laws wanted to come, too, including nieces and nephews, and even a family friend. As it turned out, there was no room in the van to fit all of them and it was hinted that she and her daughter should stay behind.

Sometimes I wonder if people with this kind of attitude have any friends.