Tuesday, November 23, 2004

It has been a very frustrating 2 weeks. It started 2 Fridays ago when one of the fetchers of my students was late, again. He always fetches the child 30 minutes late, which means that my lunch break is reduced from 1 hour to 30 minutes. Everyday he always has an excuse, traffic was terrible, his tricycle wouldn't start, a road was being repaired, etc... So 2 fridays ago I decided to leave the child in the office while I have a 1 hour lunch break. The Monday after that the child's mom came to school furious. The fetcher had told her that I had locked up her son in a dark room. Duh? I explained that I had asked the school staff to watch over him and left him in the office. Four of the school staff eat their lunch in the office so he was not alone, the door was not locked and the light were not closed. What planet is that child's fetcher from? At least now he is never late in picking up the child. I've tried talking to him for the past 2 weeks but he just turns his back and leaves. What is his problem? Hmmm... maybe its because the mom discoved that he always picks up her son 30 minutes late?