Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I had always told myself that I would never have a toxic friend, the kind of friend who seem to suck every bit of life out of you like a vampire. Well, right now, I'm eating my words.

Last week, she invited me to her birthday party, which is a few days from now. She asked me what dish could I recommend from the restaurant where my husband works. I suggested roast beef, the total cost being P3,000 for 50 people. She said ok, she would buy. The next day, she texted that her budget was only P2,000 and could I bring cake. I thought, alright, the cake would be my gift to her, and my husband would do his best to fit P2,000 in roast beef for 50 people. We were basically giving it to her at a loss. I texted back that I'll do my best with P2,000.

The next day, she texted back that she wants rice and another dish. Oh my God! P2,000 for 50 people, 2 dishes, rice and cake?!!! Why didn't she just tell me that she wanted me to pay for her damn birthday party?! I also found out that she made her party potluck, requiring the other guests to bring food. What a cheapskate!

I texted back that I could no longer "cater" for her. P2,000 just isn't enough. Add that to the fact that my husband's restaurant doesn't do outside catering, so we just don't have the equipment, manpower or transportation for such a task.

Many, many hours later, she textes that she didn't mean for me to bring another dish and rice. She was just asking what else could I recomend from the restaurant, and that all she was asking for is roast beef. Huh? So okay, all I was bringing was roast beef.

Today, she textes me again, asking me if I'm bringing pasta. What?! I text back saying that I thought she wanted roast beef, but if it's pasta she wants, I'll bring pasta instead. She just texted me a few minutes ago saying that what she wants is roast beef.

Now I'm just waiting for her next text.